I keep hearing people said you have to visit the Maldives once before you die. I am fortunate to fulfill that dream. What is a better gift to celebrate our 10th year wedding anniversary on this heaven on Earth?

I am very lucky to marry someone who has the same goals, the same interests in life. One of our favorite hobbies is discovering new places. We love to visit tropical destinations. Don’t get me wrong I love big night light, a crowded city too. But for now, I prefer to paradise vacation.

This is by far the longest flight I have ever taken (even further than Vietnam). Just like any other destination before you visit, I highly recommend you did all the necessary research, understand the culture, the people, etc… That’s why you will not be a surprise or shock.

Here are some things to keep in mind about the Maldives:

  • Located just south of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean
  • Over 100 islands own by resorts
  • Muslim country
  • You allow to dress and eat whatever you want at the resorts
  • If you visit the capital city which is Male: please dress properly, no bikini at the public beach, no alcohol or pork will be served.
  • Almost is perfect to travel whatever time of year you choose
  • They now accept all major credit cards including apple pay or google pay.

We flew out from San Francisco Airport and we booked through Singapore airline. The flight was long but very pleasant. We had so much food and drinks during the flight. Our attendants are very helpful as well.

We stopped at Singapore airport. I was bummed that I didn’t have enough time to check out the whole airport but at the same time, I was so eager to be at the Maldives.

We landed at Male airport pretty late at night. We got picked up from the airport to our local hotel. We wanted to stay one night there. The next day, the hotel shuttle dropped us back to the airport and the Sheraton staff directed us to the speed boat to take us to the private resort.

I love the fact it was very close to the local island. I remember it took only 45 minutes or less.

Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort was wonderful. I enjoyed their hospitality so much. We did all the fun activities at this resort. Their breakfast buffet was so delicious, especially free mimosa 🙂

We took a tour back to the local island which is Male. We visited local markets, museum, Hukuru Miskiy, saw fishermen, ate at local restaurants, bought some handmade souvenirs. It was a fun productive day and I learned so much.

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