I finally decided to make a trip to the windy city, Chicago.  As you have known me, I am not much a big city person when it comes to vacations, more preferred tropical destinations instead.  However, Chicago had always on top of my list to visit.  There are several reasons this city attracts me.  It has good food, crazy architectural buildings, good music, and great shopping.  So here I am.

We took an extended weekend from Friday to Monday.  The first night we arrived, it was a little bit overcast.  The first impression when I landed at the airport was omg this place is huge.  There were so many people traveling.  We got the car rental very quickly.  Looking outside as I was in the passenger side, the city felt like I was in the Gotham Batman movie.  These buildings are ridiculously tall.  

As soon as we checked in the hotel and dropped off our luggage, we headed out to the famous  Pequod’s Pizza Chicago for the deep dish.  Do you know this place has been famous for decades since 1986?  I highly recommend you do reservations because this place is always busy.  In fact, you should make reservations for all good restaurants in Chicago ahead of time.  Some places can take up to months. 

I prepurchased all the activities beforehand so we can save time.  Of course, we have to go to Skydeck.  Just in case you don’t know what Skydeck is, it locates on the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower.  You will see all the cool pictures of people standing in the glass window looking down 1450 feet below. It was a memorable experience.  

We stayed downtown near Magnificent Mile that’s where all the upscale shopping.  It’s convenient to go everywhere especially for good food.  We had dinner at STK Chicago.  It’s well known for the steakhouse, but their seafood options are just as good. 

The next day, we went to the Field Museum.  If you travel with family, you should check this place out.  this place is so cool and huge.  You could spend the whole day here. The dinosaur area is our favorite spot. My kids enjoyed it so much.

If you want to learn a little bit of the history of Chicago then you must take one of the river tours. There are a lot of options, but in this case, we chose the Shoreline. The tour was 75 minutes and we learned so much about Chicago history, especially how all the towers were built.  We also learned why Chicago is also known as the second city.  
My favorite restaurant on this trip was The Purple Pig.  It’s tapas-style with the Mediterranean-inspired.  The food was absolutely delicious. Trust me, you will like it.

Of course, you cannot leave Chicago without experience the Blue, Jazz music.  We chose Untitled Super Club.  It was recommended by our local friends. The food was decent but their drinks menu is massive. They have over 300 whiskey selections for you to choose from.  You get to watch live music. It was such good vibes and we had a great time.

There you have it.  These are some places I recommend when you are first times visiting Chicago. There are endless places and things to do here.  I will for sure come back again soon.  Enjoy some of my pictures below. 

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