I finally decided to visit Florida.  Since we only traveled for 5 days, we chose to visit Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the famous Key West which was our main destination.

I am a foodie at heart and I didn’t expect the food here was so delicious.  
We arrived in Miami late afternoon, we wanted to check out downtown for some seafood.  Of course, you know me I always do my research before I travel to new destinations.  Joe’s Stone Crab is a restaurant you must check out. It’s considered the heart of Miami. As you might know, Florida is well known for stone crab.  The restaurant is a little bit pricey but it’s very worthwhile.  The vibe here is remarkable. They just recently celebrated over 100 years of operation.  It’s amazing how restaurants can stay this long.  

We also spent some time in South Miami beach.  It’s a such fun city to visit.  I definitely felt the Miami Vice for sure. 

On the next day, we drove to Fort Lauderdale for some amazing lunch. The downtown is so cute.  They have a lot of cute boutiques and great restaurants.  We tried the Rocco Taco. It’s a Mexican restaurant. I love the fish taco and fresh guacamole.  The place has a very cool vibe as well. 
Then we headed a road trip to the Key West.  It was about 4 hours drive. If you know the song Kokomo you would think about the famous Key West.  You literally drive on the bridge through the ocean the whole way.  It was absolutely breathtaking.  You will need to put this on your bucket list and go there at least once in your lifetime. It will take your breath away.  

One thing I love about Florida, all the downtown are so cute and Key West is also one of them.  If you are looking for fresh seafood and Key West offers unlimited options.  I definitely got my seafood fixed.  We got everything from stone crab, oysters, fish, king crab, shrimp, etc.

If you are here, don’t forget to try their fresh hogfish and conch. It’s unique and hard to find elsewhere.  

Do you know Key Lime Pie is original from Key West?  It’s cool right. It’s a special lime that already grown in the Keys.  Therefore, you will see Key Lime pie shops everywhere. 

Since Key West is the end of Florida and close to the Caribbean and Cuba, you will find so many amazing rum and of course cigars.  They have a cool tasting rum room where you can taste all the unique rum flavors.  It was so cool.

And please when you are here do me a favor and go to the restaurant called “Better than Sex Restaurant”.  Omg, I cannot say enough how amazing this place is.  It’s the most romantic and unique restaurant I have ever been to.  It’s open from 6 pm to midnight.  They only serve dessert and alcohol.  It’s not your average desserts and alcohol though.  The restaurant is extremely romantic.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this spot.

Overall, I had the best memorial trip to Florida.  I will for sure come back. I hope I can inspire you just to take your pack and go.  Life is too short and you only live once. Travel is the best way to learn about yourself, discover the skills you didn’t know you had, meeting new people, building your love relationship, and most importantly travel is education.
Be safe and travel more often.

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