My Husband surprised me an early Valentine gift to Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora. I always wanted to visit this place since I have seen so many pictures on the internet. Another bucket list is checked.

These places remind me so much of Hawaii which I am in love with (French Polynesia). It takes about 6 more hours of flight from Hawaii.

Tahiti is the main island in which you will see local people here. I recommend you spend maybe one or two nights the most. The main market in Tahiti is really big, you can find everything such as fresh food, souvenir, etc.

It takes about 45 minutes from Tahiti to Moorea by public ferry. We are a Hilton club member so of course, we will stay at their resort. We stayed at the bungalow with a panorama view. I enjoyed my stay here. Hilton in Moorea is pretty big. If you visit Moorea, then Hilton Lagoon and resort is a great choice.

After a few days there, we took a ferry back to Tahiti airport and took a small airplane to Bora Bora about 2 hours flight. We stayed at Sofitel Private Island Resort.

The crystal blue water from Moorea and Bora Bora are unreal. We did a lot of water activities. One of my favorites was swimming with the sharks and stingrays. Our guy was so fun and helpful. He guided us to swim with those creatures and we got to dive in even deeper to see another cool tropical fishes as well. He took us to a small island where we got to enjoy a local feast for just two of us. He also taught us how to crack a coconut the olden day. One of the most memorial experience for me.

I definitely will come back here soon but next time, I will spend more time in Moorea.

Enjoy our youtube video and some highlight pictures of our trip.

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